ARC review Shattered Sun by Persephone Autumn

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Shattered Sun - Persephone Autumn





341 pages, ebook/paperback


October 17, 2023 by Between Words Publishing LLC


9781951477752 (ISBN10: 1951477758)




As a young girl, I never thought I would have a day without Benjamin Wilks by my side. Ben had been more than my best friend. He had been my person. From ordinary to my quirky. From smart to foolish. From quiet to my loud. No matter how opposite we were in personality, we clicked together.

After a tragedy, Kirsten is forced to move to Stone Bay.
Over time, she healed and learned to love the lush town and the people who called it home. In the borders she met her soul sisters. And had the attention of the hottest police officer ;-)


When both Ben and Travis “fight” for Kirsten's heart, someone else competes for Kirsten's attention, but not in a good way


As love bubbles, tension rises for Kirsten's safety. Will she stay safe, can the men protect her and even worse, who will ultimately protect and cherish Kirsten with his life?


The story is beautiful, exciting and loving.


The author gives us an interesting and complicated love triangle as Kirsten is excited to be reunited with her childhood friend "Ben".    They were inseparable growing up, so all the emotions come back for both of them. At the same time, her friendship with ''Travis'' develops into something more, leaving her confused as she has never been in a serious relationship with anyone. Can they go from friends to lovers and put aside their insecurities? Travis finds that watching Ben with her brings out his dominant and possessive side, but also increases his doubts and worries about falling in love again. Ben is determined to rekindle their love and get her back. While we enjoy the three trying to solve things, we discover that Kirsten has a stalker and things get even worse when a girl is murdered. I loved how both men want to protect her when the stalker's actions escalate.


I loved how the stalker POV chapters brought a creepy and chilling atmosphere to the story. Loved all three main characters and at some point my heart went out to each of them. The past affects them all in some way and it was fascinating to follow them as they tried to overcome their memories and create new ones. Who will she choose if she survives her stalker? 


I want to thank "The Author Agency" and the Author "Persephone Autumn" for receiving this arc in exchange for my honest review. I loved every part of the story and can't wait to read the second book in the "Stone Bay serie"   

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