The Tower of Dawn/Empire of Storms Tandem Reading Guide

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In the Throne of Glass series, two books occur in the same time but in different locations: Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn.


Many readers (including myself) recommend reading these books together to get the optional reading experience.

Luckily, there are a ton of guides on the internet, however, I specifically recommending the JennaClarek version.

This is an extremely immersive and enjoyable way of reading these two books before you get to the finale Kingdom of Ash!


Happy reading!


Download here

Common Questions about the Tandem Read

Why should I do the Tandem Read?

Reading Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn is perfect for folks who don’t do well with bad endings.

It is widely known that Empire of Storms has one of the most intense and devastating endings in an SJM book. Some readers really struggle to go into reading Tower of Dawn after that book and I get it!

After recommending the Throne of Glass series to thousands of readers, almost every time they are thankful they did the Tandem Reading Guide…just trust us.

Can I Skip Tower of Dawn?

It is a HORRIBLE idea and will ruin the experience of the final book.

Plus Tower of Dawn is highly underrated and holds a lot of amazing secrets and information. Believe me. You want to read this book.

Can I just read Tower of Dawn first?


The epilogue “Fireheart” is a MAJOR spoiler to Empire of Storms.

Seriously. If you think you wont remember that, DO NOT READ TOWER OF DAWN FIRST.

Did you make this guide?


This guide was made before I ever read Throne of Glass.

I just reformatted it and gave it a fresh paint job!

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